Friday, February 20, 2009


This is one of the pictures from our 'photo-shoot' I actually ripped it off Carly's blog for the speed. We have decided that between us all Carly's 5 year old daughter's camera is the best- sorry L!
Speaking of photos there are photos, pattern and instructions of Carly's cuterama Moopy notebook in the latest Woman's Weekly- the one with Magda on the cover.
Carly's craft pattern is featured in the upcoming yummy edition of Meet Me At Mike's (the book) and is handmade from Umbrella Print's fabric!


  1. Hi there Umbrellabella.

    I just popped by and thought I should say Hi. I was browsing local fabric and yarns on Etsy and found your lovely fan and elephant fabrics. It's always nice to see local things. I'd love to see some things you've made from them - or perhaps I just haven't looked far enough yet.

    Cheers Cee

  2. Lovely to see all of this bright and beautiful work. You two have been a busy pair. Love the b&W toox.