Tuesday, February 24, 2009

random words and The word

If you say the word 'word' over and over its starts to sound really weird...anyway.....

It is now past the middle of February 2009. On New Year's Eve I decided to choose a special word for this year-like a personal mantra or focus. I thought I would see if a word naturally appeared, which it has, and it makes sense on many levels mentally, physically, emotionally.

So the word I have chosen for 2009 is the word MOVE.

Its not such a pretty sounding word even though it is just one letter different from love and dove and cove which are nice- no, its has the oo sound which isnt pretty but oh well its the meaning Im interested in.....
so, I am thinking.........be active, propel, motivate, are all about 'move' and would be good to focus on this year. There is also a lot going on around me that could be helped with a bit of mooooooove energy/action! Cryptic sorry, I'll write about it all later!

One of my sisters happened to mention the word 'move' the other day and G asked me yesterday whether I had had my morning stretch (as if its a conscious thing), after which I faked a stretch for her entertainment and it actually worked- I did feel energy activate through to my fingertips. Momentum is a good word too.

PS also makes me think of something a friend and I talked about a long time ago. We were talking about regrets and we both realised that we regretted things we had not done rather than regret things we did do.

Anyway thats enough navel gazing got to go do some REM!zzzzz


  1. "mooooooove energy"

    That's a frozen iced-coffee no? ;)

  2. yeah that too! but I only drink Farmer's Union iced coffee down here!

  3. PS two of the closest people asked me whose eye this was (Carly and my own Mum)- its mine!