Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fan Flower in silver

Fan Flower sterling silver charms and necklaces are up on Etsy ($US) tonight!

This is the second half of our Tandem #3 collaboration with silversmith extraordinaire Ceeb Wassermann. That is, my Fan Flower (from within the Fan Flower pattern on fabric for Umbrella Prints) has been immaculately hand cut into silver by Ceeb and is ready to wear. There is so much love and work in each of these pendants you can nearly here them sing!

So exciting for us. If you would like one and you live in Australia they will be available to order on the Umbrella Prints website shortly or you may write me an email (they are $160 AUD each with a quality fine silver chain). x!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS - these are STUNNING! So, so beautiful; what a wonderful collaboration. Congratulations! (and Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog!)
    C x

  2. They are lovely. Flower are an infinite source of inspiration. Love the idea of the collaboration.

  3. Thanks everyone! I really value your comments x

  4. Your design works so well as a piece of jewellery too.