Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Skirty Action

Carly and I love seeing what people do with our fabric. Still, out of all the fabric we have sold we get comparatively few pictures sent to us of items that have been made from it! I make myself feel better by thinking that that must be because people just cannot bare cutting into it (!)

Also I understand the pleasure you can get from just stashing fabric and going through it every now and again brings up all those feelings of inspiration and reflection at your selection of perfect fabric pieces folded neatly. My stash/es represent potential (what COULD be made?) and memories of places and people. There is a particular piece of fabric I will post one day that causes me to sigh with joy just because of the colours in it. Some of my stashed fabrics are worthy of framing but I don't want them to fade- silly isnt it? Anyhoo I guess that is the beauty of fabric- that it can be enjoyed in so many ways, whether it is folded, stashed, cut, ripped, worn, hung, stretched, wrapped or sewn.
The wonderful skirty creation above was sent in by so lovely and talented graphic designer Kerina! x


  1. wow!!
    that skirt looks beautiful!
    i can't wait until i'm rich//stable enough to buy some of your printed fabric amy, its so beautiful!!

  2. This is a great combination. Had a comedy of errors yesterday on my quest to Nest. Caught a train out to Croydon (but it was express to Woodville) waited for 30 minutes for the return train (which was a express to city). The upside is that I walked to the ORS op at woodville and picked up two sweet Seekers albums:). There is always next week hey:)

  3. That is some effort Julie! Im glad you found some nice treats anyway! See you when you get to Nest- I wont be there next Friday but Carly will if you are going- she knows where your papercut is too!
    And Hi Holly! Our fabrics not THAT expensive is it!:-)xoxoxoxo