Friday, May 15, 2009

Umbrella Prints new website

Carly is on a serious roll over at our new website I am really excited. Some of the links aren't up yet but for the first time we will have a proper website thats not a blog in disguise and will be able to credit our friends and collaborators properly (Tandems).

The new photos are capturing our momo peach colour a little better - like starfruit it is really hard to capture. Having lots of fun at the moment :-)


  1. Hey A
    Do you know the botanical name of the fan flowers? My gardener friend Dan - noticed the necklace.

  2. my Fan Flower is a fantastical flower it might grow on Mars but you won't find it in an encyclopedia. x there is a plant which grows fan flowers (I found this out after i named the flowers in my drawing) the petals look quite different but sweet- I will look it up xxxxxxx

  3. Love your new prints. Had a peak at the website too - looks great! I imagined that the fan flower grew on the tail of a magical bird seen only by those who really wanted to see :)

  4. Julie; oh how you so get me! Fan Flowers can also be used on the end of a long stick to clean out emotional cobwebs...

  5. oh, oh ! Congratulations ! Great work ! Bravo.