Sunday, May 10, 2009

window in a heartbeat

Our Hearts fabric (by Carly for Umbrella Prints) is available now in kimono red and in full width meterage. Pre-orders have all been sent (thankyou to those early birds).

All this fabric action inspired a new window based on red- colour of passion and a bit of an obsession for me can you tell. Minifashionista (sharing with Nest Studio and Umbrella Prints) has loads of beautiful red items to choose from which made my job even more fun/fast.

Up close gorgeous plump curvy hearts.... from afar modern stripes.... yum.


  1. So much fun. A great display!

  2. The display looks fantastic and the hearts fabric is beautiful.

    I've spotted it in a few publications and am planning a little purchase myself. It's so nice to have Australian designers out there!