Sunday, August 9, 2009


Three photos of the new Nest Studio which houses Umbrella Print's fabric, product and a range of collected items including Japanese and Scandinavian pottery, German children's art supplies, children's books, floating wooden sculptures, simple organic clothing for women, leather bags and more- the premise being quality, inspired and thoughtfully designed items from now (and then).

The move for Nest Studio has been foremost in Carly's (owner, juggler, ideas woman, boss/ worker-bee, list maker, car mover, creative electrician, bouncer, baby-on-hipper, optimist) and my (alternating side-kick, second opinion, first opinion, muse, worker-bee/boss, find it, ideas woman, baby sitter, safety warden) minds and hearts for months and so much fun.

The opening for Nest and for my exhibition was on Thursday night and was heaps of fun (too many funs?no). Thankyou to everyone who came for the party including Fiona, Chris, Lily, Stefan, Grace, Holly, Christopher, Sarah, Belinda amazing beats, Sigrid, Ooma, Daniel, Amy O, Michelle, Clare, Mark, Anna, Kate, Naomi, Dave, Wendy, Jo , Ollie, Kerina, James, Karen, Emma, Zoe, Sunshine, Claire, Helen, Jan, Mariam, Judy, Ted, Juliette, Caitlin, friends from ye olde Q street and many new smiling faces.

Now, back to work x


  1. that chair!!! one of my fav chairs with my very fave fabric!!

  2. The Nest is looking just gorgeous .. loving the simplicity yet stylish look

    I still love those 'Ladies' !

    Katherine x

  3. whoops, typed part of my word verification in the comment!

  4. Looks wonderful, so glad the move went well :-)mos

  5. Hello Amy, I did stop by the new space today (Sunday) and had a good peak through the window. It all looks very beautiful and exciting. I will try for next Saturday for a look at your exhibition :)