Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trimmings update

The Umbrella Print's trimmings 'giveaway' is still open and having just visited the pool growing over at Flickr I am really delighted to see what people have been making and the effort is tremendous! Wow! It's going to be so hard to choose a winner with all these beautiful entries xxxxxxx

There is still time to enter this is the info:

Those of you who have purchased (or do purchase) a trimmings pack are automatically registered for the giveaway.

All you need to do is take a photo of your pile of pieces then see how many beautiful things you can make from just one pack....

upload the before and after photos to flickr (tagged : umbrellaprints, trimmings)

and we will choose the most creative and abundant entry....

That very clever crafter will receive a parcel :: including a Sterling Silver Baby Elephant Charm Necklace + one whole metre of the fabric of your choice and a few surprises for your effort.

Make sure your photos are in by *September 8th (midnight AEST) and we will post up the winner the next day. You can of course still buy Trimmings packs in the mean time and not be in the giveaway.

*Note extended deadline

Good Luck!


  1. hey Amy,
    I can't see mine!!! I am DESPERATE to win!!

  2. Hi Cath! Ive posted a message over your way but for other participants who have sent pictures to us via email (instead of Flickr) you are of course part of the pool too- we havent forgotten you!x