Friday, August 28, 2009


These colour packs are available in Nest Studio but ever so slowly they are popping up in our Etsy shop in between me doing the dishes and feeding the cat etc. Each pack has eight of our colours. Love List is a fabric of mine for Umbrella Prints and Daisies featured below is a fabric by Carly for Umbrella Prints.


  1. These patterns complement each other really well. Glad you liked the Rag Nest I thoroughly enjoyed the whole project. I am going to make more in lots of different styles, I'll put them on my blog. I've an idea for a pretty pink one with wool and rag and even some butterflies.

  2. These are lovley patterns. I had fun reading the first and am wondering who John Brown is :)

  3. thanks! John Brown is the dog in John Brown Rose and the Midnight Cat one of my favourite children's books and G's! Its a sad story with dark pictures but so beautiful.

  4. I love the secret writing in your new fabric! What fun.
    I know that book, it has beautiful detailed illustrations.
    And thank you Amy for your lovely comment on my new print, I was really touched :-)