Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Umbrella Prints Trimmings Winner!

Humming by Lisa Stubbs

After an afternoon at the beach Carly and I sat for a long look at all the beautiful entries (on Flickr and via our email) for our Trimmings challenge. We just love everyone's ideas and the effort put in was amazing- Thankyou so much to everyone! I will be posting up some of the other gorgeous entries over the next week for everyone to enjoy x

But there can only be one winner....Which is Lisa Stubbs
Lisa's amazing embroidered works are really beautiful. We liked that she used every tiny scrap of our fabric but stamped it with her own style which is unique.

Lisa wins a bundle of items from Umbrella Prints worth over $200 including fabric, a pendant, some kits and some extra treats. Well done! and thankyou to everyone who entered we really enjoyed seeing your work xxxxxxxxx


  1. yay! for Lisa! that embroidery is beautifl- a very deserving winner!

  2. I agree a more than deserving winner, totally creative and beautiful!

  3. I just went and had a look at Lisa's site and all her work is gorgeous - you must have felt sooo chuffed to see your designs in it.
    Simply divine.
    Some people are so creative and inspiring.

  4. excellent!!
    love you lots amy!!
    you're inspiring crafty ones to go for it!!!

  5. Wow, thank you so so much for your kind words, I loved the challenge and all the beautiful designs I got in my wee trimmings pack were very inspirational!
    So big thanks!!:)x

  6. Looks amazing, great stuff! When I bought my scrap pack aaages ago I thought I'd make a million things. And here we are, September already, challenge over and I still haven't cut a single bit up...lame! Having no time for fun stuff sucks. But I love just looking at them, soo beautiful :)

  7. Lisa was a well deserved winner, her work is amazing. I'm kinda sad all my trimmings are gone now, might have to buy some more.