Tuesday, September 15, 2009

two chairs and a Lady

Here are the photos I discovered in the paper on the weekend- two of our chairs; one covered in storm boy blue Grand Hearts and the other in seaglass FanFlowers AND one of my large screenprinted ladies (this one is a two colour double print Lady in red and light brown)!
You never know when these things pop up and I don't usually get the Sunday Mail so lucky I saw it at all really. One for the scrap book for sure :-)


  1. Well done into making it into the Mail!
    Lets have brekky at The Deli again soon! sans H :(

  2. the chair covered in the seafoam color is lovely; it's simple in design but not really, the delicate linework of the print goes well against the lines of the chair. also, the light cherry finish looks fabulous against the soft blue green.