Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunshine gb March X Umbrella Prints

These beautiful vases and beakers are made by Sunshine gb March in collaboration with Umbrella Prints. The lines and images of our patterns (Crosshatch and Bird in Paradise) are beautifully re-interpreted by Sunshine and hand thrown by her in a solid white ceramic.

As well as looking amazing, each vessel has a good 'weight' and sounds right when you ding it (no hollow powdery sounds ). The textures of the lines are slightly gritty which contrasts with the smooth areas which makes them lovely to touch. I love them!

Sunshine's work has just arrived at Nest Studio (147 Magill Rd, Stepney, South Australia) and is now available.

Photographed here by Ryan Pike


  1. I can't wait to see this exciting collaboration between Vivvie's daughter and mine. What a tiny weeny world this sometimes becomes when artists work together to create lovely things and it turns out that their mothers knew each other 50 years ago!

  2. they look fantastic- i want to drink out of them!!!

  3. these are really really beautiful <3

  4. these are totally gorgeous, and i can tell they'd be tactile too. gonna visit your shop today...