Monday, September 28, 2009

silky oak

My sister S used to climb the silky oak tree at the back of our garden- I was in awe. Looking up through the branches and leaves you could hardly see her up above I was sure she was reaching clouds.
I could climb the first few branches but then it got scratchy and I couldn't quite reach and I was scared of falling. But S didn't seem scared at all and just kept going up higher until the branches got too thin and started swaying. She tied a sock to the furthest point, the sock was there for years, it was a statement of achievement, it could still be there, I hope it is.

The rows of looped flowers on the silky oak tree were a beautiful golden orange colour, sticky and buzzing with bees. The silky oak tree came to symbolise magic, sister, achievement and aspiration.

Carly and I have chosen silky oak as one of our new colours for Umbrella Prints it is probably my favourite of our colours. It looks great against dark tones of wood, with creams and blues.
Also we discovered a beautiful silky oak tree in the park across from Nest Studio which is nice to sit under.


  1. Cool! My parents were given a silky oak tree when I was born and I loved that tree (though the big one in the front yard was a better climber). Then my parents cut my tree down and put a bbq area there instead. I'm still not sure I've totally dealt with the under-tones of that action yet ;)

  2. wow Amy. Thanks :)
    I loved climbing that tree!

  3. Beautiful post and great colour - what a story to bring a new colour in.