Saturday, October 3, 2009


Our new colour lily white has arrived in the studio (in the shops next week promise). White on nearly white organic hemp cotton. Carly and I weren't sure how it would look but love it. In certain lights you can hardly see the print but move slightly and the rows of Hearts appear!
This fabric has a parchment-like-feel-to-it (a really opaque white almost like zinc cream) a very different 'hand' from our other fabrics. It would look great in a really pared back interior; I'm getting a zen-vibe right now (!) no seriously there is something quite powerful to the brightness of white and the light it can add to a space.
Good timing considering my current obsession for arranging and re-arranging white objects near my kitchen window- I just added a stem of white orchids from my mum's garden- thanks mum x

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