Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dream in colour

Anyone familiar with Umbrella Print's fabric will know that Carly and I live, breathe and dream in colour! We spend too much of our time in the studio talking about, mixing up, dreaming up and mucking around with colour combinations and generally being colour NERDS.

My passion for colour merges with my love of words (and meanings) thus early on we both decided to name our colours with some thought for our own memories and interests. We have been known to introduce a new colour into our range not because it coordinates or because its popular but because we just love the name (not terribly wise as a business strategy but heaps of fun).

So if you love colour as much as we do then I hope you enjoy us banging on about it a bit more in the near future. Umbrella Prints will be bringing out a range of pure colour fabrics next year based on our current range of patterned fabric colours and just for those who can't get enough saturated colour love.
Our current range includes kimono red, sumi black, starfruit, seaglass, olive, lily white, momo peach, storm boy blue, lilac wine, turtledove, pink moon, bambi, nut brown (NEW), persimmon, silky oak, smoky black (NEW) and lady grey (NEW).
We would love to know your thoughts on which of these colours you would like to see more of in the form of block coloured fabric especially over here where Carly has listed them all.........or maybe you would just like to say hi x


  1. They look stunning! Can I have them all??

  2. Colour appreciated unlimited x Can't wait for the new range.