Saturday, November 21, 2009

good morning

Good Morning! The week has been kind of frenetic.

We received notice from Finders Keeper's preparing us for lots of people at the show in two weeks.

Carly and I have been working on our own orders as well as packing for the market in Sydney. Our new colours are in- phew, the past few weeks has been a comedy of errors I don't wish to live through again. At least now we can get on with one of the new products we have in mind to take with us to Finder's Keepers but it requires some thought so hopefully we have enough time.

Danielle and her newly husband (congratulations!) came for a visit to Nest Studio; it was really nice to meet a textile designer from WA with similar interests and passion :-)

G had her first kindie performance; my car's muffler fell out WHILST driving, it was boiling hot all week and my garden is a desert but should live. x


  1. Morning! Cute eggs G, we had eggs too.

  2. not sure why it says I'm 6p00d8345229be...blah blah when it's me, Carly ??

  3. aaagh!! muffler fell out, that is so extreme! <3 i love you lots amy x x x x

  4. Hi Amy!

    It was so lovely to meet you and Carly last week :)

    I am absolutely loving my fan flower necklace - have worn it everyday (and a number of people have commented on it too, saying how nice it is!)

    Also really love the badge and the beautiful fabric trimmings.. so gorgeous!

    Best of luck to you both for the market next week.. am sure it will be a great success!