Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Umbrella Prints new card #3

We heard some amazing amazing news today! On Monday mother elephant Porntip from Taronga zoo lost her baby in-utero a result of the baby being upside down...But today Porntip gave birth to the baby boy elephant calf this morning and he was alive!!!!!! I can't believe it.

Whilst the baby has a long way to go I am so inspired by this story of survival against the odds.

It is also personally poignant for Carly and I as we had chosen our new card Elephant Play for release today :-)


  1. what great news about the little elephant. Love the card and the kokeshi dolls too.

  2. We love the cards! They look fab. We can't wait to get to Adelaide and see them in the shop. If we ever finish this sewing!

  3. Thanks guys you know I/we read and absorb all your feedback so thankyou for leaving your thoughts xox! It was such a great day today- Carly and I both had a tear when my sis rang with the news woohoo! go little fella

  4. Ah fantasic! love the design, perfect!

  5. they should have these cards at the zoo shop as well.