Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Umbrella Prints new card #4

Elephant becomes Cross-Hatch-ed (from Umbrella Print's patchwork fabric) and bird becomes friend. Does that make sense? if it doesn't, well we hope you enjoy them anyway. Our cards are available here for postal in Australia and here for overseas orders.

In other news Carly and I have just adopted an elephant! The past few days events at Taronga Zoo resonated deeply with us so much that we decided to sponsor Porntip's new miracle baby boy. We have also decided to send 50c from each card sold to the Elephant community at the zoo.

PS this new card we call Elephant and Bird


  1. Another lovely card!
    Unrelated, but did you know that your fabric was featured in N.E.E.T magazine - I just posted a link on my blog if you haven't seen it. Congrats! Nic

  2. Oh YAY! I love that these are all inspired by the new baby elephant! I love that you're donating money too ... just wonderful!