Saturday, July 2, 2011

this week in a snap

We have had a great week designing a second range of quilter's cotton fabrics.  When we get the rare chance to sit down for more than three seconds and get stuck into designing I soon remember why I love what I do.  4 new designs are nearly complete and over night I missed them!!! Came right in this morning and turned the computers on so we could see them again :-) always a good sign.

We would like to use our hand printed colours in our quilter's cotton range but are restricted to the Pantone chart.  How spoilt does this sound but we rarely find the exact colours we want in Pantone charts. None of our hand screen printed colours ie Kimono Red, EK 50's green etc are matched perfectly in the Pantone chips which is why we end up sending bits of favourite T-shirts, scoops of sand; ripped up magazines excetera through the mail to our screen printer like mad women . A friend once said "what? aren't there enough colours in Pantone for ya?" hell yeah!

We are also compiling a list of Umbrella Prints online and retail stockists which will be added to our website soon; exciting! Wishing you a happy weekend xox

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  1. I love the fact you missed your designs over night...awwww sweet!!! Can't wait to see them :)