Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pins and boards

While ..umm .. spending far too much time over here I came across this very sweet image of our fabric by Lisa Spangler, very fittingly pinned to a real life pin board.... (Lisa entered our trimmings comp with some cute collages and a cloud mobile) ... Consider yourself warned.. if you have not been over to Pinterest yet.. I dare you .. double dare you... enter at your own risk in fear of becoming hopelessly addicted (as I am and Amy is too!!).

You know I had no idea people had been pinning our fabric!? sounds odd but it honestly hadn't crossed my mind until I spied this and thought I should do a pinterest search for Umbrella Prints... how cool! and humbling that there are so many lovely people out there who think our fabric pin worthy. xxxx


  1. I am addicted to the elephants one!

  2. I have avoided Pinterest because I know I would be addicted. It looks like fun but I'll wait a little longer if I can!