Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Introducing our Judges- Kim Kight of True Up

We would like to introduce our final special judge Kimberly Kight creator of the fabric blog True Up.
Chances are if you love fabric you will have visited True Up which is a wonderful vibrant place on the web to find out the latest news about fabric, fabric design, pattern and designers. True Up is one of the first places to go to source useful information; participate in forums all about fabric and feels like a nice place to 'be' for lovers of  fabric.

Kim also published the book A Field Guide to Fabric Design last year! As fabric designers we highly recommend buying this book it is a super duper resource for people wanting to approach designing fabric from beginner to professional and right across the range of techniques for production.  The contents is clear and concise as are the photographs and explanations.  Umbrella Prints was thrilled to be included in the books Q &A 'round table' of designers- a refreshingly candid section and you get to see what everyone looks like he he!!  How we could have used a book like this back when we each started out oh the frustration!!!

Thank you Kim!

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  1. I have her book, it's amazing!

  2. Your judges are lovely. I have resent my email of May 24 with my entry to you now, I wonder if you have received it. Thanks.