Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Introducing our Judges- Irene Hoofs of Bloesem

Today we are introducing our very special guest judge Irene Hoofs- director and editor of Bloesem and B:Kids.  Irene is one of soo many people's favourite professional bloggers and was voted 13th for 'The World's Best 50 Design Blogs'*!

We are in awe of Irene's amazing ability to not only provide lucky all-of-us with a daily presentation of gorgeous new and favourite art, craft and design work from all over the world but to do so with boundless humility, integrity and grace. So inspiring.

Irene also manages to find the time to design a few beautiful things of her own.... and being huge fans of colours that pop, we love her Bloesem Kids Wear Neon collection.

We love her nurturing spirit and her elegant eye for innovative design with heart.  And so we feel Irene would make a great Judge and we are very lucky to have Irene on board this year. Thank you Irene!

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