Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Introducing our Judges- Joel Henriques of Made By Joel

Joel Henriques aka Made by Joel is one of our very special guest judges for this year's Umbrella Prints Trimmings Judge's Choice prize.  We love his fun, creative blog and his wonderful eye and imagination for design.

Joel is an artist, a designer and a Dad who loves sharing his ideas for the most brilliant fun, accessible creative projects for children and their care-givers. Check out Joel's book called Made to Play and his gorgeous blog full of inspiration for children and adults such as beginners embroidery, collage, making with cardboard and so much more.

Recently Joel caught the eye of Martha Stewart who interviewed him on her show and showcased his modern dollhouse designs (you will spy some Umbrella Prints Trimmings and a teeny tiny Amy Prior Lady Print in his modern doll house posts).

We thought Joel would be a perfect judge because he shares our passion for finding the latent potential within all materials and he knows how important play is to invention.  We are lucky to have him as a judge this year. Thanks Joel!

x A & C

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  1. How cool...I love Joel's work! But that's really putting the pressure on now :)

  2. no pressure! our judges are going to see the best in everyone's idea :-)