Monday, June 25, 2012

Trimmings Stories- Monica Hajek

We are so happy to meet such talented people :) Today we are chatting with our other amazing winner in this year's Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition- Monica Hajek! Plus tomorrow we will be sharing Monica's very own sewing patterns for her winning mask and crown!!

Monica is an illustrator and web designer who lives in Tilberg in the Netherlands with her husband Willam and two adorable children Aniek (8) and Femke (2)...and two lady guinea pigs.  Her new website is coming soon!


Mini interview time!

What do you like about sewing?
'It makes me feel relaxed, especially sewing by hand. I like small projects that I can finish in just a couple of days or a week.  Mostly I make plush characters. I was inspired by the first Pictoplasma book in 2001.  Four years ago I followed a course at our local quilt shop and have loved making small blankets ever since.'

How did you discover Umbrella Prints?
'I first saw the fabric used on the Made by Joel blog in this post!  I fell in love with the fabrics instantly and ordered my first packet of Trimmings.  I used the fabrics to make some stuffed animals from a pattern in  Dutch book.'

How did you come up with the mask and crown for the Trimmings competition?
'I ordered my packet early on and the fabrics lay in my sewing basket for nearly two months.I had lots of different ideas but didn't make anything!  Then time started running out...and Femke's second birthday was coming up so I thought of the crown.  I only used half of the fabric so wanted to make something else.  A few days earlier Aniek had made paper masks with her girlfriend...that and I had seen several lovely masks in blogland recently inspired me give it a try to make a fabric fox mask.'

Did you design the patterns yourself?
'Yes, the crown was easy but the fox mask was quite a challenge for me.'


Thank you Monica! we are so looking forward to sharing your patterns here tomorrow so that others can make your beautiful creations with our fabric.


  1. Love reading about what goes on behind the scene... very creative :)

    1. thanks Lamina- I was just looking at your sweet apple and here you are! xxx