Monday, July 2, 2012

coasting a bit closer

Fellow fabric-lover Karen from Blueberry Park made these beautiful coasters from a packet of Umbrella Prints Trimmings with no sewing pattern, prefering just to see where playing with the fabrics would lead her. Sounds like a day in our studio!- just playing is so energising. Incorporating some of her favourite solids and some Essex linen brought the colours and fabrics together beautifully and some sweet stitching pulled each individual mat into a set.

So fresh and pretty! 

and the backs are just as beautiful...

as the fronts :-)


  1. thank you for the lovely write-up, Amy, and producing such lovely fabrics to play with!

    1. oh that's mighty fine Karen- thanks for making nice things so often!

  2. They are really beautiful! I just love the colour combinations :)