Friday, September 28, 2012

In a shop near you

Our retailers (your very lovely shop keepers!) have been quietly pestering us for Trimmings packets for their shops ... but they really are a labour of love to make ... deceptively simple, they actually take hours and hours to put together.... the answer has always been a sad, no. However we have been working really hard to develop a little system to make things run more efficiently....

...AND so we are beyond excited to announce that some of your favourite fabric and craft shops are now stocking Umbrella Prints Trimmings packets (and still for the awesome price of $10).

Can I use my Trimmings packet from my favourite fabric shop to enter the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition in March next year??? I hear you ask :D
Why YES! of course you can... all the details are on the label inside the packet.


  1. How exciting! Is this in Aus only or are you planning to ship over here???

    1. I know woohoo and about time! We ship world-wide as long as the posty can get there- to interested and interesting retailers!!! retailers can email enquiries to
      hope you are having a lovely weekend over there xxx