Thursday, September 20, 2012

Surface design

Some words about where we come from over at tractorgirl this week!

Julie Gibbons (aka tractorgirl) contacted us for an interview and whilst we have precious little time to chat about ourselves at the moment something she wrote on her blog resonated...

'I especially love seeing the connection between the maker of something, what they’ve made, and the receiver of that work. It’s not just about the object – there are people involved here, and the pleasure of a well-made beautiful thing travels both ways. Makers always imbue their objects with their own stories too, and users make new stories and weave them into their own when beautiful things enter their lives. I want to share on (tractorgirl) those things of beauty that connect people.' JG

Many insightful interviews with contemporary crafters and surface designers and tutorials in abundance over at tractorgirl. Thanks Julie!


  1. Oh, yes. I love what she wrote. It is similar to how people react to their neighborhood space. There is the architect, the planner, the gardener and the way residents interact with their neighborhood. Same with the art you create, as users we draw from and interact with it and create something - exciting.

    1. Thanks Anna I think that is why we are attracted to fabric... that producing it is just the first part of its journey.

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