Thursday, October 18, 2012


Today we are introducing a new remnants pack into our mix which conjures energy, warmth and happiness. The colour orange is a friendly colour that works beautifully as a highlight in interiors mixes delightfully with neutral tones and wood. How devine.

We have picked the juiciest pieces of Umbrella Prints' Persimmon, Silky Oak, Coral Orange and  beloved Momo fabric and mixed them with hand dyed hemp/cotton in various shades of Light Clementine.

Pictured here in Umbrella Prints' patterns in Diamond Argyle, Hearts, Rock Dots, Fish Net and Bird in Paradise

Available now here and here.


  1. Mmm...Orange is one of my favourite colours. These are so delicious to look at...

    1. Thank you Sasha its nice to hear from you. We are thinking up what to make with this pack to show it off!