Thursday, November 1, 2012


We asked what your favourite Umbrella Prints colour was....  and you told us Kyoto Blue, Bakelite Blue, Storm Boy Blue, Seaglass, Mid-Century Blue, Cherry Blossom & Persimmon!

With all that talk of blue we thought we should put together a blue Remnants pack, as Rachel so eloquently said, "I love, love, love your 'kyoto blue'. It conjures up the essence of the 'East' - enchanting geisha, hidden temples and shrouded forests... (however the clementine is deliciously juicy) x".

The Random Number Generator choose Rachel's comment (and we think it did a good job!), she has won a custom made Remnants pack filled with our favourite blues and of course her favourite Kyoto Blue. We think this is fortuitous as Amy lived in Kyoto for three years and I visited earlier this year and fell in love as I knew I would.

Thank you for playing with us!
You can buy Blue Remnants packs here


  1. darn it, I knew there was something I forgot to do last week! But congrats Rachel, it's a beautiful pack.

  2. Yum !!
    I'll be having some of that :)